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Air can carry pollutants as it travels through your home. Without good ventilation, pollutants can become trapped indoors and create health problems for everyone in your family.

We here at Arronco Comfort Air want you to go home and get comfortable; this includes your indoor air quality. Do you want to protect your family against allergens, mold, and dust? Or add a little humidity for your hardwood floors in winter? Take the draft out of your home?

For indoor air quality services, trust our team at Arronco Comfort Air – call us at (859) 525-6407 or contact us online.

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Air Quality Systems

Many new air quality systems are available today. They include controlled humidity systems, various degrees of filter products to clean the air, electrostatic, and UV air cleaners to help reduce allergy, sinus, and other indoor air quality issues.


Reme Halo Zero

REME HALO® can actively improve the quality of the air in your home. Most air purification systems are either passive or ineffective at meaningfully reducing pollutants. Not only does it use UV light, but it also has other advanced proprietary technologies to improve your air quality. One of the things that sets this product apart is its ability to produce low levels of hydrogen peroxide in the air that circulates through your air-conditioning system and indoor spaces. Throughout your air-conditioned space, REME HALO® reduces bacteria, viruses, odors, and mold spores in the air and on surfaces. If you want to feel the healthy difference a REME HALO® can make, contact us today!

Arronco Comfort Air Reme Halo Zero Indoor Air Quality                         Arronco Comfort Air can improve your air quality with a Reme Halo Zero


iWave Air Purifier 

To help eradicate indoor air pollutants and lessen the chances your family members will be exposed to viruses or allergens, Arronco Comfort Air recommends investing in an indoor air purifier.

The iWave indoor air purifier is able to be installed in any duct air conditioning system. When air passes over the iWave, ions produced by the air purifying device reduce pathogens, allergens, particles, smoke, and odors in the air, creating a healthy environment without producing any harmful byproducts.




APCO-X Air Purifier

Another air purifier we offer at Arronco Comfort Air is the APCO-X. This air purifier revolutionizes indoor air quality with significantly improved performance, functionality, and reliability.

Bryant Air Purifier

Bryant® whole-home air purifiers and filters treat the air flowing through your system before it circulates, to help remove bacteria, viruses, and pollen from the air.

Choose Arronco Comfort Air for Your Indoor Air Quality Services

Arronco Comfort Air experts can review your system and make recommendations for upgrades or replacements, help calculate energy cost savings, and explain some of the other advantages. You can be assured you will be offered the best, most efficient system available to fit your budget and air quality for your home or business.

Contact Arronco Comfort Air online or call us at (859) 525-6407 for our air purifier options: iWave, APCO-X, Bryant, and more.

Concerned about the quality of your home’s air? Check out our indoor air quality products, including humidifiers, filters, and more!

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