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With our Preventative Maintenance Program, you get a thorough 18-point check of your heating and air conditioning system twice a year. You can expect peace of mind knowing that your heating and air conditioning or geothermal system operates safely and efficiently, saving you the added utility costs of inefficient operation or expensive emergency repairs.

It’s a way of eliminating small, money wasting problems before they become big ones.

When to Perform HVAC Maintenance

Regular HVAC maintenance is the best way to avoid system failure when you need it the most. Maintenance to your system ensures that you can run your system without troubles and that your system operates at peak levels. For systems that heat and cool, bi-annual maintenance should be performed every spring and fall. For cooling systems only, annual maintenance should be performed. For furnaces, annual maintenance is also necessary before the cold season.

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Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance ensures that the system runs as efficiently as possible. Depending on your system, home and needs, the following tasks may be completed by a service professional:

  • Inspection of the unit for the refrigerant level and any necessary adjustments to it
  • Cleaning of dirt or debris in outdoor units
  • Inspection of coil and cabinet
  • Lubrication of fan motor, belt and blades
  • Inspection of tubing for any damage
  • Cleaning of blower assembly
  • Inspection of blower housing for any lint and necessary cleaning
  • Gas leak inspection
  • Inspection of evaporator coil, drain pan and drain lines
  • Replacement of air filters
  • Inspection of ductwork
  • Operation of system and inspection of starting capabilities, identification of any abnormal noises or odors and system operation
  • Measure outdoor and indoor dry bulb temperatures
  • Inspection of heat exchanger
  • Monitoring gas furnace for manifold gas pressure
  • Checking vent system
  • Cleaning and adjusting ignition system and safety controls as necessary
  • Inspection of flue system, control box, wiring, and connections
  • Completing system operation report and recommending any necessary repairs or replacement parts

Top HVAC Maintenance Tips for Homeowners

You can also prolong the life of your system if you perform routine maintenance tasks throughout the year, encompassing such tasks as:

  • Replace your filter every 90 days or monthly if you have pets
  • Remove leaves, twigs, pollen and other debris from the side and tops of external units
  • Provide at least two feet of clearance around outdoor air conditioning units and heat pumps
  • Inspect insulation on refrigerant lines on a monthly basis
  • Try to prevent clogs in your system’s lines and drains
  • Shut off water supply to the furnace humidifier in the summer
  • Make sure that the attic is properly ventilated to relieve heat buildup
  • Replace the humidifier wick filter
  • Never close more than 20 percent of your home’s registers so that the HVAC system is not having to overwork itself
  • Replace your carbon monoxide detector’s battery on an annual basis
  • Don’t run exhaust fans too long

Benefits of HVAC Maintenance

Scheduling maintenance for your HVAC system has a plethora of benefits, including that it:

  • Helps extend the life of your equipment
  • Reduces the possibility of a system breakdown in extreme weather
  • Reduces your utility and repair costs
  • Services are provided with a 10% discount on parts and labor repairs
  • Ensures an ideal level of home comfort
  • Requires no overtime diagnostic charges for repairs
  • Can pay for itself several times over in energy savings
  • Ensures safe operation

Preventative HVAC Maintenance Rewards

For being a LOYAL Arronco Comfort Air Customer we have started a Preventative HVAC Maintenance Rewards program. You will receive $40.00 off towards a new system for every consecutive yearly preventative maintenance contract fulfilled. Cannot be redeemed for service calls or one time clean & checks. Maximum $400.00 savings.  You will receive this card to keep track of your savings:

Arronco's Preventative Maintenance Rewards Card

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