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5 Reasons You Need an Air Purifier

Invest in an Air Purifier to Boost Your Health & Indoor Air Quality

Dust, pollen, mold spores, pet dander, and more—these are all types of indoor air pollutants you can find in your home! And while HVAC systems have improved over the years, the fact that your home may be more air-tight than ever means you could be suffering from poorer indoor air quality as your heating and cooling system recycles the air in your home.

To help eradicate indoor air pollutants and lessen the chances your family members will be exposed to viruses or allergens, Arronco Comfort Air recommends investing in an indoor air purifier. Follow along with our indoor air quality (IAQ) experts as we dive into the top five reasons to consider installing an air purification system in your home.

Air Purifiers Reduce Dust & Dander

By using a combination of air sealing techniques and closed-loop HVAC systems, we’ve managed to make our homes highly energy-efficient. However, the downside is that most homes get very little fresh air, and what gets in rarely has an opportunity to get out!

Air purifiers remedy this issue, drawing in particles like dust, pet dander, and mites. These systems not only remove pollutants them from our air, but actually destroy or trap them completely.

Air Purifiers Minimize Airborne Pathogens

Just as an air purifier draws in and removes dust, it does the same for pathogens. Bacteria and viruses that are attributed to the development of the common cold, flu-like symptoms, and general illness are drawn into the air purifier system, where their hydrogen atoms are separated out from them. This forces the pathogens to become inert, effectively killing them and removing them from your home’s air!

Air Purifiers Control Mold Growth

A home doesn’t have to be visibly moldy for there to be mold present in your air. In fact, mold spores are nearly always present and simply waiting for ideal parameters to be met for them to take hold and flourish. Air purifiers deal with these biological spores in much the same way as pathogens by preventing them from ever spreading into your kitchen, bathrooms, or basement, where they might otherwise germinate.

Air Purifiers Minimize Odors in Your Home

Even a clean home generates odd smells through day-to-day activities. Cooking odors from oil and butter, VOCs from cleaning supplies, smoke, pets—there’s a plethora of sources for an odd smell in your home. Air purifiers filter these out, helping keep your home smelling fresh and clean while also promoting overall healthier air.

An Indoor Air Purifier Will Mitigate Allergy Symptoms

The odds are high that at least one member of your household deals with the dizziness, sneezing, and headaches commonly found among individuals with standard allergy symptoms. And because our homes are often well sealed, but not well ventilated, this is even more of an issue.

An air purifier goes a very long way in mitigating the issue by drawing in all of the most common allergy triggers, removing them from your home’s air cycle so they can avoid your lungs!

Air Purifier Installation with Arronco

Feeling like an ionic air purifier might be the right move to make your home air healthier? Arronco Comfort Air can help! We offer the iWave-R Air Purifier—a system that uses proven ionic filtration and elimination methods without generating ozone, offering a safe and natural means of getting the clean, healthy air you deserve in your home.

Connect with the IAQ specialists at Arronco Comfort Air online now to find out more!

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