Bryant Heat Pumps
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Bryant Heat Pumps

At Arronco, we gladly trust Bryant with our clients’ comfort. The company’s reputation for quality design and solid engineering is world-renowned, and these heat pumps perform remarkably well in the Northern Kentucky climate. Our team of certified HVAC specialists has extensive training and experience in heat pump installation, heat pump repairs, and heat pump maintenance.

We offer the following Bryant heat pumps to homeowners and commercial enterprises in the region:

  • Bryant Evolution V Series 288 Heat Pump. This compact heat pump is packed with power. It relies on revolutionary inverter technology and a top of the line rotary compressor that gives users dependable variable-speed control. The unit delivers energy-efficient heating and cooling, and it is nearly whisper-quiet at just 55 dBA.
  • Bryant Preferred Series 226 Heat Pump. This unit features a two-stage compressor and an efficiency rating of 13.7-17.2 SEER. Operational decibels are usually around 70 dBA. This is a cost-effective heat pump that will deliver reliable comfort throughout the year. It also features enhanced humidity control, which helps take the sticky sting out of a hot summer day.
  • Bryant Legacy Series 214 Heat Pump. This single-stage compressor system has an efficiency rating of between 130-15 SEER, and it operates at around 69 dBA. The unit delivers all-season comfort and will keep your home cool all summer long. In the winter, it can reverse to deliver cost-effective electric heating,

Heat Pump Installation

The team members at Arronco are experts at helping our clients select and install the ideal heat pump for their home. The first step of the installation process involves assessing your home’s insulation, layout, windows, and other factors that will influence the size of the unit you need. Once we know what size is best, we will then help identify the ideal location for installing the heat pump. This will depend on whether an air-source heat pump or ground-source heat pump is selected.

For air-source heat pumps, we will position and attach the mounts for the indoor/outdoor units, connect the wiring, and test the system. The process is similar to installing ground-source heat pumps, but there is the added step of drilling the borehole with these. As always, we will take care of any permits, material purchases, and cleanup required.

FAQs About Heat Pumps

What Are the Different Types of Heat Pumps?

The two most common types of heat pumps are air-source heat pumps, which pull in heat from the air outside the home, and ground-source heat pumps, which extract heat from boreholes dug deep into the ground.

What Is the Installation Process for a Heat Pump?

Heat pump installation requires installing both an indoor air handler and an outdoor condenser unit. For ground-source heat pumps, a borehole must be drilled. Each unit must be mounted and installed, the lines covered, and the connections finalized. Heat pump installations take one day while ground-source heat pumps can take up to 3 days due to drilling for the loop field.

Do You Still Need a Furnace or Other Heating System?

Heat pumps effectively generate heat on cold days and cool air on the year’s hottest days. In our climate, it’s not common for the temperatures to rise above or drop below the heat pump’s ability to keep you comfortable. However, many clients do opt to have a backup heating/cooling source as a precautionary measure.

Contact Arronco Comfort Air for more information about the heat pump installation, heat pump maintenance, and heat pump repair, and heat pump replacement services we offer. Our team is always ready to answer your questions and to help enhance your comfort.

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