HVAC Tax Credits & Rebates for Northern Kentucky Homeowners

Upgrading your HVAC equipment can be a significant investment, but thanks to the wide array of available tax credits and rebates, homeowners can save big on their heating and cooling replacement needs.

The HVAC experts at Arronco Comfort Air provide details below about some of the tax incentives and rebate programs available to northern Kentucky homeowners so they can make the most informed decision on their HVAC upgrade needs.

Duke Energy Smart $aver Program

Duke Energy electric customers in Kentucky may be eligible to receive a rebate through the Smart $aver rebate program. This incentive is available to customers who work with Duke Energy.

To qualify for the rebates, a participating contractor will make the improvements in your HVAC system and apply to the program on your behalf. Rebate options within the Kentucky program include:

  • A rebate of $300 for an air-source heat pump with required duct sealing.
  • A rebate of $500 for geothermal heat pumps.
  • A rebate of $800 for whole-home electric resistance changeout to air-source heat pump.

Other rebates in the program include smart thermostat installation for qualified products, mini-split ducted systems in a living space of over 1,000 square feet, and central air conditioning with required duct sealing.

Geothermal Heat Pump 30% Tax Credit

Did you know there are federal tax incentives for having geothermal heat pumps in your home?

Recently (August 2022), the federal government extended the 30% federal tax credit through 2032 for geothermal heat pump installation. It can even be retroactively applied to installations from Jan. 1, 2022, or later.

The savings depreciate over 2032 — with the 30% tax credit dropping to 26% in 2033 and then 22% in 2034. After 2034, the tax credit is set to expire.

Admissible geothermal heat pumps include equipment that uses the solar energy from the group for heating and cooling — and meets ENERGY STAR requirements. Geothermal pumps used only for hot tub or pool conditioning are not eligible.

This credit amount has no limit and can be used in combination with other solar, wind, and energy efficiency tax credits for which you may also be eligible.

Other Potential Credits & Rebates

More than tax incentives and rebates, homeowners can lower their utility bills by setting thermostats to optimal temperatures, regularly replacing air filters, and using programmable thermostats to regulate heating and cooling based on occupancy patterns.

Depending on availability and eligibility, other rebate and tax incentive options Kentucky homeowners can explore include residential energy efficiency rebate programs through Salt River Electric and the Low-Income Furnace Replacement Program from Columbia Gas of Kentucky.

Arronco Works To Save You More

At Arronco Comfort Air, we know the investment, maintenance, and eventual replacement of your HVAC system is costly. That’s why, in addition to the tax credits and rebate programs we’ve found for Kentucky homeowners, we always provide coupons and deals for services.

Browse our current HVAC and plumbing special offers, or contact us for more information about tax credits for your HVAC system.

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