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Top 10 Heating Maintenance Tips for the Holiday Season

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The best time to ensure your heating system is working as it should is before the colder weather hits. Because your furnace is so relied on during the winter, it’s important to make sure all of its components are working properly, so you’re not met with a breakdown when you need heat the most!

There are some tips and tricks anyone can perform themselves when wanting to check on the condition and performance of their heater.

1. A Visual Inspection

One of the simplest ways to check on your heater is by visually inspecting it. To do so, look for obvious signs of distress or wear and tear. Make sure all of its important components are hooked up appropriately.

2. Check the Thermostat

Make sure your thermostat is reading a temperature that matches your home’s and is calibrated at all times. An inaccurate thermostat will likely hinder your heater’s performance.

3. Check for Drafts

It’s crucial to ensure your home is well sealed, so your furnace doesn’t have to work overtime. Seal any drafty windows and doors, so the warm air from your furnace doesn’t leak out of your home.

4. Clean/Replace the Air Filter

A crucial step to keep your heater working at its best is regularly cleaning and/or replacing the air filter. When dirt and debris build up on the filter, it prevents air from running through the filter as it should, resulting in restricted airflow and a lack of energy efficiency.

5. Clear the Registers

If your unit’s registers are blocked or closed off completely, your unit won’t work as well as it should. A closed or blocked register leads to uneven heating and can worsen airflow over time, so make sure no furniture is in the way and the register is fully opened.

6. Clear the Space Around the Heater

A good rule of thumb is to leave space open around your heater. A clutter-free environment keeps dirt and debris from building up as quickly, which helps ensure your unit isn’t hindered and can operate effortlessly.

7. Make Sure the Exhaust Pipes are Debris-Free

A gas furnace consists of exhaust pipes that lead to the outdoors. While it may be easy to forget, ensuring the pipes are clear of any clutter is your best bet at keeping your unit operating safely and efficiently.

8. Keep the Heater’s Exterior Clean

Keeping the actual heater clean is key. Perform regular cleanings: Wipe off dust, vacuum dirt and debris, and clean up any exterior component with a soft brush to keep things clean. Do so with care, though, as these appliances can be damaged if not handled gently.

9. Keep the Draining Tube Clean

If your heater is gas- or propane-fueled, it has a draining tube that allows water to drip out of it and into a pan. A clogged draining tube can lead to water backup that may wreak havoc on the flame sensor, which can make the unit turn off completely. To keep this feature clean, remove the draining tube and use compressed air to remove any dirt and debris. White vinegar can also be used to remove any excess buildup!

10. Consult Arronco for Professional Maintenance

To have complete faith in your heater this winter, calling a professional is always a good choice. The team at Arronco is highly trained to tackle heater maintenance services by using the best tools on the market. We will work swiftly and proficiently, always prioritizing the needs and comfort of you and your home.

Contact us to set up a heating maintenance service in Northern Kentucky, Lexington, or Cincinnati, and get ahead of the colder weather!

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