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What Are the Early Signs of a Failing Furnace?

When winter hits, the last thing you want is to wake up to a furnace that is completely broken. While you can get emergency HVAC help when this happens, it’s always better to call for service before your system breaks completely and leaves you in the cold. Thankfully, most furnaces give their owners a little bit of warning before failing. If you’re noticing any of these early warning signs, then it’s time to call Arronco Comfort Air to have it checked.

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1. Large Amounts of Dust

If you’re noticing a lot of dust in your home, start with a furnace filter switch. If this doesn’t solve the problem and you don’t suspect dirty air ducts, it may be that your furnace is no longer filtering your air effectively. This could be for a number of reasons, but it’s best to have the system professionally checked.

2. Yellow Pilot Light

Your pilot light should be a blue tint. If you look inside the furnace and find that it’s glowing yellow, then it may be a problem with carbon monoxide. This can be a serious, potentially deadly issue, so do not wait. Call for help immediately.

3. Furnace Age

The easiest way to determine if your furnace is on its way out is by considering its age. Most furnaces last between 15 and 20 years. If yours is nearing the 15-year mark, then it’s going to start declining quickly. Taking the time to prepare for replacement now will help you avoid a breakdown or a financial emergency later.

4. Increased Heating Bills

If you notice your heating bills start to increase, without an understandable cause like an extremely cold spell or a rate increase from your provider, it could indicate your furnace is starting to struggle. As furnaces age, they lose efficiency, and your bills will start to go up. Track your energy costs, and give Arronco Comfort Air a call if you’re noticing an unexpected increase.

5. Unusual Noises

Your furnace will make some noise when operating, but you should be familiar with these noises. If you’re noticing pops and squeaks that weren’t there before, it’s often an indication that something is wrong, such as a loose part within the furnace.

If you’re starting to notice any of these problems, it can indicate that your furnace is on its last leg. The sooner you get professional help to assess the problem, the less of a risk of furnace failure you will face. Contact Arronco Comfort Air for furnace services in Cincinnati, Lexington, and Northern Kentucky.

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