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Kitchen Sink Problems to Avoid


There are many kitchen sink problems you can avoid with a little bit of knowledge! Here are some common kitchen sink problems and what you can do to avoid or correct them!

Clogged Drains from Built-Up Food

Every day you send water down the drain that is full of food debris. Over time, that debris can build up in the drain. Even if you have a garbage disposal, you can still have problems with built-up food in your drains.

Food buildup is a stinky problem. As the food rots, it starts to smell and can attract bugs. Over time, it can create an obstruction, and your drain will start draining more slowly.

How can you avoid this problem? Some of it is unavoidable, but be sure to rinse your drains regularly with plenty of fresh water. Also, avoid sending large food particles down the drain, but scrape them into the trash instead. Finally, have your drains cleaned when they start to show signs of a problem.

Leaking Under the Sink

Most of the time, the drain basket is the culprit when you have leaking under your sink. The drain basket is the area where the water flows from your drain to your plumbing. If it is not sealed properly, it may start to leak. Replacing this will typically fix the problem.

Faucets Running Slowly

Over time, buildup can develop on your faucet. This occurs because of the continual exposure to minerals as water flows over the faucet. If you notice that your faucet is not putting out as much water as normal, check it for signs of buildup.

There is not much you can do to prevent this problem, but you can use products to dissolve mineral buildup when you start noticing a slower flow. Waiting until the faucet is clogged completely is not a good idea, so treat the problem when it first shows up.

Dripping or Leaking Faucet

A dripping faucet that just won’t stop is a common reason people call the plumber. Before you call, make sure that the faucet is, in fact, turning all the way off. If it is, then make sure all of the connections are as tight as possible.

If that does not fix the problem, then it’s time to call a pro. Remember, dripping sinks are more than just an annoyance. They actually cost you money through wasted water with every drip.

Are you noticing any of these problems? The plumbing pros at Arronco are ready to help. Give us a call today to learn more about our plumbing services!

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