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How to Winterize Your Plumbing

Before winter rolls in, you need to winterize your pipes to ensure they are ready for the cold weather. Without performing this crucial maintenance step, you may end up with frozen pipes—or worse, a burst pipe! The team at Arronco Comfort Air is here to help you winterize your plumbing systems.

The following are some crucial steps you should take to winterize your water pipes this season!

  1. Insulate Exposed Pipes

Inspect your home, or have a plumber visit your home, to locate any pipes that are exposed to the cold. Remember to inspect areas like the crawlspace, basement, or other areas in your home that may not be serviced by your home’s HVAC system. Add plumbing insulation around the pipes to help keep them warm. You can also wrap them in heat tape before adding insulation to give them another layer of protection.

  1. Turn on the Faucet on Cold Nights

If the area is heading into a cold spell, and you have exposed pipes in your home, turn your faucets on to allow for a slow drip before you head to bed. Although this may seem counterintuitive at first, allowing your faucet to drip can help keep a pipe from freezing because it will keep a small trickle of water flowing through the pipes all night long. Also, if a pipe does freeze, the dripping faucets will stop pressure from building up in the pipes.

  1. Add Insulation to Your Home

The non-insulated areas of your home, like the basement windows and the crawl space, could benefit from some additional insulation. These areas can allow air to flow into your home and over your pipes, causing them to freeze. If you have pipes that run through your garage, consider adding insulation here as well.

  1. Let Heat Inside the Cabinets

If it gets extremely cold in your home, and you have pipes under your sinks that are blocked by cabinets, the heat in your home may not actually reach the pipes. One easy way to ensure that it does is to open the cabinet doors at night. This way, heated air will flow over the pipes and prevent freezing.

  1. Seal Your Home’s Envelope

Have you discovered cracks in or around your doors and windows? Cold air creeps through even the smallest exposed areas! Seal these openings to protect your home and your plumbing.

Schedule a Plumbing Evaluation to Ensure You’re Fully Protected

One of the best ways to ensure you have done everything you can to properly winterize your plumbing is to ask a professional.

Contact the team at Arronco Comfort Air for a plumbing evaluation this winter. In just a short time, we can help you winterize your plumbing to avoid the mess and stress of frozen pipes!

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