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Common Air Conditioner Problems

Summers in Northern Kentucky can be brutally hot, and when your air conditioner isn’t working properly, you need a solution quickly. The HVAC professionals at Arronco Comfort Air are always available to help diagnose and resolve any AC issues you may have, but it’s always useful to be aware of common issues and their causes so that you can be better prepared if and when they arise. Here is a closer look at some of the more common air conditioning issues that you may face, and how you can go about repairing them.

1. A Dirty Air Filter

A dirty air filter will not only hurt the indoor air quality in your home, but it can also affect the efficiency of your system. If you’re noticing that the air isn’t blowing as cool as it used to, but the system appears to be working properly, check the filter. If it looks dirty or if you know that it hasn’t been changed in a while, consider changing it for both your personal health and the overall health of your unit.

2. Low Refrigerant Levels

If your air conditioner has sprung a leak, becoming low on refrigerant, then it will not work properly. The first sign of this problem is ice forming on the outdoor unit. If your system isn’t running cool or if you are noticing ice buildup, you need to give Arronco Comfort Air a call. Finding and repairing the leak then refilling the system is something best done by a qualified air conditioning repair professional.

3. Heat Gain from the Outside

If the sun is shining brightly through your windows in your home, it may cause the air inside your home to heat up. Even a properly functioning air conditioner may not be able to keep up. In addition, if the thermostat is located away from the hot windows, it may not register the heat gain. Thus, that room will be uncomfortably hot. To compensate for this, consider closing the curtains in this room when the air conditioner is running.

4. Brush Growth Around the Compressor

If your air conditioner seems to be doing a poor job of cooling your home, check the compressor. If grass and brush has grown up around it, then it will not get the airflow it needs to run properly. Cut down the brush and clean off the compressor’s cover, and you may be able to get the system running properly again.

5. Poor Routine Maintenance

Your air conditioning system needs an annual maintenance check. There are many small components and moving parts that can get damaged, and if they are not fixed by a qualified HVAC technician, your system could break down. Schedule an annual maintenance appointment with the team at Arronco today, and ensure that it is ready to deliver excellent service all summer long.

If you are having trouble with your air conditioning system or if you need to schedule your HVAC service check, contact us online to learn more about our air conditioning repair and maintenance services. We service Louisville, Burlington, and the surrounding areas of Northern Kentucky.

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