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Why Is My Air Conditioner Making Strange Noises?

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Air conditioners are not silent contraptions, but if you’ve had an air conditioner in your home for a while, you should know what noises are usual. If you’re noticing strange or loud sounds coming from your system, it can be the first indication of a problem. Understanding the problem and getting prompt repair is critical.

Most Common Air Conditioner Noises

Here are some common reasons why your air conditioner may be making unusual noises:

Squealing Noises

High-pitched squealing noises are often from the belt or the bearings on the air conditioner. If you have an older system, it is likely a belt. Replacing the belt is a fairly simple repair that can be done quickly by a qualified technician, leaving you with a quieter and better-functioning machine.

For newer air conditioners, the condenser fan’s bearings are typically the cause of this sound. Unfortunately, this is not quite as easy of a fix, as it typically means the entire motor needs replacing, but it is still something that can and should be repaired.

Buzzing Noises

Your air conditioner should not buzz like a bee. If you hear buzzing sounds, there may be a loose part rattling around inside somewhere. Buzzing can also occur when debris gets lodged inside the outdoor unit, which is particularly common after the long winter heating season. A qualified HVAC technician can usually find the problem to remove debris or tighten the part to stop the problem.

If the buzzing is not coming from a loose part, then you may have a refrigerant leak or a malfunctioning compressor. Some homeowners have even experienced buzzing when a nest of bees decided to make a home near the air conditioning outdoor unit. With so many potential causes of this problem, consulting an air conditioning technician when you first notice the problem is critical to finding the right solution.

Banging Noises

A loud banging noise typically indicates a loose or broken part. Banging instead of buzzing happens when the part is larger, like a piston pin or a connecting rod. Depending on what the problem is, this can mean that the compressor needs replacing. Banging can also occur if the indoor blower becomes unbalanced.

Humming Noises

Most air conditioners have a slight hum when they are operating, but if your humming sounds seem to have changed, it can indicate a loose part or problems with the refrigerant piping. This rarely is an emergency, but a routine maintenance check and tune-up can address the problem. That said, if you’re hearing humming and the system will not start, then the motor may be to blame.

What to Do If You Have a Noisy AC System

In each of the instances above, unusual sounds from your air conditioner mean you need the services of a skilled HVAC technician. Reach out to the team at Arronco Comfort Air for prompt HVAC services to address the problem.

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