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5 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your AC System

Today’s air conditioners have an average life span of 15 to 20 years, with older models lasting 12 years at most. Nothing lasts forever, but we don’t blame you for trying to avoid expensive replacements. Unfortunately, every unit reaches the end of its life span, and replacement becomes the only financially viable solution. It might be time for a new AC if:

1) Your Unit is Blowing Warm Air

Poor or warm airflow is a sign that your compressor might need repair. This is an expensive piece of equipment, so it isn’t always wise to replace it. Buying a new air conditioner might be cheaper in the long run. Other signs of a faulty compressor are loud noises, moisture leaks, tripping, and damaged wiring. The latter can lead to a damaged compressor, so you should always request a professional assessment at the first sign of electrical problems.

2) You Detect a Burning Smell

If your air conditioner is drawing power without releasing it, its components may start to burn. This is often a sign of a dying condenser—the component that cools and dries your air. While condensers can be replaced, this only makes financial sense if you’re treating a new air conditioner. It’s pointless to replace expensive components in a unit that’s a year or two away from replacement.

3) Your Unit is Emitting Unusual Sounds

A noisy AC is usually a broken AC, but some repairs are easier than others. If your unit clicks as it runs, you might have a minor obstruction that’s easy to repair. If it isn’t turning on, your electrical parts might need treatment. Gurgling is a sign that your drain line is drowning in condensate. If your refrigerant is leaking, your unit might have sustained widespread damage that’s expensive to repair. Squealing is usually a fan belt symptom, so you might get away with a cheap fix. Clanging tells you your fan or mount has loosened, but you might need a new fan entirely if you hear metal on metal. High-pitched sounds indicate pressure buildup from a damaged compressor, so it might be time to wave goodbye to that old unit in favor of something newer and more effective.

4) Your Energy Bills Have Risen

Sometimes, holding onto an old unit is a sure way to empty your bank account. If your air conditioner is working too hard to achieve the desired temperature, it will wear heavily on your energy usage. The initial cost of a new unit might be tough to stomach, but if you calculate how much you would otherwise lose to utility bills, that initial cost will look a lot more attractive.

5) Your Home Has Become Humid

Humidity is the most worrying sign of an ailing HVAC unit because it can lead to toxic spores that harm your family’s health. Moldy environments can cause a range of health effects, from minor sniffles and rashes to serious wheezing and asthma. Mildew inhalation can cause airway swelling that can ultimately lead to reduced lung function, so treat this symptom with the seriousness it deserves. Your unit might have lost its humidity control because:

  • It’s oversized or can only manage one speed.
  • Its ventilation is poorly designed and is thus creating negative air pressure.
  • Your unit is too old to handle your climate.

Contact Arronco for Air Conditioning Replacement

An ailing air conditioner needs frequent repairs, so sometimes, it’s cheaper to part with the cash involved in buying a new unit. If you’ve needed to fix several different components within mere months, your air conditioner is probably reaching the end of its service life. Contact Arronco to discuss your options.

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