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5 Disadvantages of Hard Water

Water running in the sink.

Although hard water isn’t known to cause any health problems, it can annoy homeowners. Hard water has excess minerals like calcium, magnesium, and iron that can negatively impact your appliances, plumbing system, and cleaning practices if not addressed. Luckily, by understanding the disadvantages of hard water, you can manage your hard water problems with affordable solutions. Consider a water softener from the experts at Arronco Comfort Air.

Unpleasant Taste & Smell

One of homeowners’ biggest complaints about hard water is the taste and smell of their tap water. The excess minerals, chlorides, and sulfates in the water produce a sulfurous scent and metal taste that can cause any stomach to turn.

Insufficient Soap Lather

Due to the reaction between most soaps and the minerals found in hard water, you’ll likely have difficulty producing any lather when using shampoo, hand soap, bar soap, or body wash. This can make showering and keeping clean particularly frustrating.

Dry & Itchy Skin

Although hard water isn’t known to cause serious health problems, it can significantly impact your skin. The soap you use doesn’t completely dissolve without a proper lather in the shower, so it can stay on your skin, making it dry, itchy, and dull. This can be particularly challenging for those with sensitive or compromised skin.

Washability & Staining

Not only does hard water affect your nightly shower, but it can also impact dish and clothes washing. It’s hard to get things clean, and the minerals in the water can build up on dishes and clothes, leaving residues and unsightly stains. Hard water can even stain bathroom fixtures like sinks and toilets.

Limescale Buildup & Corrosion

Hard water doesn’t just build up on clothes and dishes; it can also affect plumbing fixtures and hot water appliances like your water heater, dishwasher, and dryer. As limescale builds up, it can cause corrosion throughout your plumbing system, leaving your appliances and plumbing inefficient and at risk of a major breakdown.

Hard Water Solutions

The best way to eliminate these problems in your home is to eliminate your hard water with a whole-home water softener. This affordable solution eliminates calcium and magnesium from your water through a process known as ion exchange. This essentially “softens” your water, removing the minerals that cause buildup, staining, improper lather, and limescale buildup. Water softeners are affordable and easy to use and maintain.

Our experienced team at Arronco Comfort Air is knowledgeable and qualified to install an excellent water softener in your home to create a more welcoming and comfortable environment. As a family-owned and -operated company, we believe in delivering unmatched service and quality products.

For a lasting hard water solution for your home and family, contact Arronco Comfort Air today. We’ll work with you to identify and install the right water softening solution for your goals and budget.

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