Spring Plumbing Checklist

Catch or Avoid Plumbing Repair Problems with These Tips!

Spring is coming, and with it likely comes thoughts of gardening and time spent outdoors, or maybe spring cleaning. After a winter cold, you are going to want to check your plumbing carefully. Here’s a checklist of what you need to look at as you prepare for warmer days ahead.

Check your home, inside and out, for leaks. The best way to test for this is to watch your water meter. Make note of the level when you go to bed and again when you wake up, ensuring no one uses water for another purpose during the night. If you see a change, you may have a leak somewhere in your home, and if you cannot find a leak inside, check the irrigation or sprinkler system.

Slow drains are often due to problems with the sink trap. This curved bend at the pipe level below a sink, tub, toilet, or any other drain in your house stays filled with water. This helps prevent the gases from the sewer from entering your home. However, it can fill with debris as well. When this happens, you need to clean the trap to prevent slow drains and unwanted smells in your home.

Make sure the indoor and outdoor drains are clear and flowing freely. It’s not uncommon for outdoor drains to get jammed with leaves and other debris after the fall and winter, and this can prevent water from draining away from your home properly. Indoor drains can get clogged with regular home use as well, so they need to be professionally cleaned on occasion.

If you turned off water to your outdoor faucets, you can restore this service as soon as the threat of freezing is passed. After turning them back on, watch for signs of drips or leaks. Winter’s cycle of freezing and thawing can lead to problems, so you will want to address these leaks if you find them. Sometimes the solution is as simple as replacing a worn washer, while other times the faucet will need to be replaced. If you need new faucets, reach out to a plumbing professional for installation help.

Spring means rain. Make sure your sump pump is working properly. Consider installing a battery backup system, so you are not left without protection when a storm hits.

A water heater is only designed to last about 10 years. Take a good, hard look at yours to see if it’s working well or showing signs of damage. If it is in need of repair or replacement, the Arronco Comfort Air team is ready to help.

Do you need help getting your plumbing systems ready for spring and summer? Arronco Comfort Air can help. Our plumbing professionals can assist with repairs and maintenance of all of your plumbing systems so that you will be ready for warmer days ahead.

Reach out online to schedule an appointment for plumbing spring cleaning in Cincinnati, Lexington, or Northern Kentucky today.

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