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Reverse Osmosis Systems in Burlington, KY & Northern Kentucky

The quality of your water affects more than just how much you drink from your tap. If you have poor water quality in your home, it can affect the taste of the food you cook and even the feel of your hair and skin. In some severe cases, contaminated water can pose a health threat to those consuming the water.

Are you worried the quality of your drinking water isn’t up to par? Call Arronco to set up a reverse osmosis system for cleaner, healthier water!

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How Does Reverse Osmosis Work?

Reverse osmosis is a type of water system that can be used to remove unwanted and potentially harmful contaminants from your water. This system removes rust, dirt, and other solid contaminants through a sediment filter. From there, your water will flow into another filter that is designed to remove harmful chemicals, like chlorine. These dissolved solids and other impurities are disposed of through your drain. In the final stage of purification, your water travels through one more filter to ensure you enjoy great tasting, clean drinking water with no odors or strange tastes.

Your reverse osmosis drinking water system will be installed under your kitchen sink and will provide your treated water by a separate faucet. This is a great system for addressing a broader range of harmful contaminants including:

  • Nitrates
  • Lead
  • Arsenic
  • Radium
  • Chlorine
  • And more!

If you think a reverse osmosis system might be right for you—or if you have any questions about how it works—give us a call today!

Signs You Need Drinking Water Filtration & Treatment

Aside from the obvious effects of poor water quality, there can also be lasting effects for your appliances, fixtures, and even the pipes in your plumbing system. So how do you know if your home has hard or contaminated water? Here’s what to look for to determine if you need a drinking water filtration and treatment system in your home:

  • Strange odors: Strange odors can indicate a number of issues including abnormal hydrogen sulfide gas levels.
  • Bad taste: Water with a metallic, bitter, or other strange taste should be evaluated by a certified water specialist as soon as possible to determine the cause.
  • Cloudy water: Water that is tinged with color, cloudy, or murky could indicate contaminants that should be removed.
  • Soap won’t lather: Soap that won’t lather, or skin and hair that feels excessively dry after bathing could indicate hard water.
  • Noticeable buildup: A crusty, white substance on fixtures, like your shower head, is indicative of hard water.
  • Oily film: Standing water in toilets, bathtubs, or sinks with an oily film on the surface may indicate oil or grease in your water supply, likely caused by a leaky water main or contaminated water table around private wells.
  • Sandy texture: Water with a gritty feel is typically a sign of silt or sediment and could pose a potential health risk.

Reverse Osmosis Systems from Arronco in the Burlington Area

Our experienced professionals will perform the necessary analysis and diagnose the specific source of your water issues. Once your specific needs are identified, our specialty filtration system experts can recommend the perfect water treatment solution to make sure you can enjoy bottled quality water straight from your faucet.

Arronco offers quality, convenience, dependability, and peace of mind with our drinking water systems. If you suspect your home’s water needs evaluation or treatment, contact Arronco today! 

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