Arronco Comfort Air’s Case Studies
Find Out Why Geothermal Is the Only Comfort System That Pays You Back

Arronco Comfort Air’s Case Studies

Improving Home Comfort with HVAC Replacement Services

Take a look at some of our success stories below to learn more about the financial and comfort benefits of upgrading your HVAC equipment.

Natural Gas & AC Replacement

It looks just like the house around the corner, so you wouldn’t know this home heats and cools with geothermal. Maybe you would notice that it has no outdoor air conditioner, but you wouldn’t know that they have four vertical wells that go down 150 feet in their front yard.

It may also surprise you to know that heating, cooling, and hot water usage for this home is less than $1,000 per year. The new geothermal has 12 speeds for heat and nine speeds for cooling, keeping the temperature within one degree of the setpoint.

System Replaced: Natural Gas and AC

System Installed: WaterFurnace Geothermal, 7 Series

Geothermal Heat Pump Replacement

The All Goodman Home is owned by a retired couple that was on their second heat pump system in their home and was looking to replace for the third time. They hadn’t considered geothermal as an option, thinking it was just too expensive.

Once all the details and cost savings were explained to them, it made all the sense in the world. Their utility bills were cut more than in half from what they had been paying. They have security in knowing that this system will last twice as long and are now experiencing comfort without dealing with the warm and cool spots in the home.

System Replaced: Heat pump

System Installed: WaterFurnace Geothermal, 7 Series

Electric Heat Pump Replacement

This country home located in rural Kentucky was built with an all-electric heat pump system and water heater. The homeowners found themselves with limited options for heating and cooling their home, so they called us to get more information on their options. They had only known of heat pumps and furnaces and wanted to price both.

We explained the difference between the systems as well as introduced geothermal. When we educated them on the benefits of geothermal, they concluded it was a no-brainer to go with geothermal. The monthly saving alone on their utility bills plus the 30% tax credit made their return on investment worth the upfront cost.

System Replaced: Electric Heat Pump

System Installed: WaterFurnace Geothermal, 5 Series

The Dayton House

This 1890s home now has air conditioning for the first time in existence. Just across the Ohio River from downtown Cincinnati in Dayton, KY, this old home now has geothermal for its heating and cooling. The home had a boiler system in place for the last 60 years and had never had forced air. The homeowner had multiple bids from companies all over the tri-state, and they all offered the same two-system option with little creativity.

Our team at Arronco Comfort Air came up with a single system solution to heat and cool the whole home with new ductwork that provided them with the lowest utilities available. Many people believe that their yard is too small, but this is a prime example of geothermal (WaterFurnace, 7 Series) fitting in a small yard in the middle of the city.

System Replaced: Boiler System with no air conditioning

System Installed: WaterFurnace Geothermal, 7 Series

Propane Furnace Replacement

Having a propane furnace can be a costly way to heat your home. That’s why this homeowner wanted to have a geothermal system. He also experiences a lot of power outages and had a small generator for his furnace. No problem, we had the solution for that situation as well.

We installed a two-stage propane furnace as the backup heat source and attached a geothermal system to it as well. Now they will see a return on this investment in less than seven years and can still have heat when his power goes out.

System Replaced: Propane Furnace

System Installed: WaterFurnace Geothermal, 5 Series and Bryant 986 Furnace

Gas Furnace Replacement

At the Independence house, the homeowner was looking to move to a more efficient system. The old system was ten years old and starting to show it’s the age with some system failures. The second floor was always warmer in the summer months and cool in the winter. This home is now heated with a modulating gas furnace and a 5-speed heat pump.

The heat pump will do all the cooling in the summer and will assist with most of the heating in the winter months. Once the heat pump is unable to produce an ample amount of heat, the furnace will only draw the amount of gas needed to maintain the correct temperature. The home now has even temperatures throughout the home and offers great utility savings. (Bryant 987, 288)

System Replaced: 90% Gas Furnace with 10-SEER AC

System Installed: Modulating Gas Furnace with 5-Speed Heat Pump

Oil Furnace Replacement

The Oxford home was heating with fuel oil; it can be dirty and cost a fortune to operate. The homeowners knew that they had to do something to replace their heating and cooling system because they were tired of spending thousands of dollars each winter trying to make their home feel warm. The second floor was so cold in the winter, they simply did not use this space.

With modifications to some ductwork and an all-new geothermal, they now spend a fraction of the cost to heat and cool and they are now able to enjoy their second-floor space.

System Replaced: Oil Furnace

System Installed: WaterFurnace Geothermal, 5 Series

Propane Gas Furnace Replacement

They were tired of fighting the fluctuating price of propane and having to keep the temperatures in the home lower than the comfort level desired. It was as if all winter they were wearing sweaters and blankets and the summers were not much better. There were many complaints that you could feel the temperature difference as soon as you were halfway up the stairs.

Now, with the new geothermal system, they have more even heating and cooling, and their utility bill is predictable and so much less. The projected return on investment for geothermal is six years.

System Replaced: Propane Gas Furnace with AC

System Installed: WaterFurnace Geothermal, 5 Series

Propane Furnace & AC Replacement

The Ranch homeowners were tired of paying the fluctuating pricing of propane (L.P.) Every Winter the price would be dependant upon whether it was extremely cold or not. Located in Loveland, OH, they are in a typical subdivision, the homeowners realized it was time to replace their aging heating and cooling equipment and wanted to do something that would offer a longer lifespan, and would be easier to budget when winter hits.

Now, the ranch homeowners have a new geothermal (WaterFurnace, 5 Series) that is the one of the most efficient and reliable systems that can be installed. The geothermal system’s lifespan is up to 25 years and the money saved on utilities we allow them to have the system completely paid off in six years.

System Replaced: Propane Furnace and AC

System Installed: WaterFurnace Geothermal, 5 Series

Gas Furnace Replacement

The home was built in the early 1920s; it has had many different types of heating systems in the past. We found that the furnace was way too large for the size of the home causing it to heat the home fast and cool it down giving a large variance in temperatures. The homeowner was also concerned with air quality in the home.

They chose a two-stage gas furnace with a variable speed blower and 5-speed air conditioner. Now they don’t have to worry about their young children breathing dirty air, and the humidity levels are under control in the summer with even temperatures throughout the home. Also, with a more efficient system, they can save on their utility bills.

System Replaced: Gas Furnace with 10 SEER AC

System Installed: 2-Stage Gas Furnace with Variable Speed Blower and 5-speed AC

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