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Getting Your AC Unit Ready for Winter in Northern Kentucky

As warm weather shifts to cool, it’s a reminder to get your air conditioning unit ready for winter. Winterizing your AC prevents rust damage and keeps small animals from nesting inside mechanical parts and causing damage. This is a fairly simple do-it-yourself home improvement project that shouldn’t take much time. Follow these steps to help keep your AC unit clean and in top working condition. If you need help, contact the pros at Arronco Comfort Air!

How to Winterize Your Northern Kentucky Home’s AC Unit

Schedule a Maintenance Appointment

You should have your AC unit serviced twice a year, at the beginning of spring and fall to ensure your system is in good working order before the weather shifts and usage increases. Before your technician arrives, take a look at your system, checking for unusual odors, strange noises, or leaks in the ductwork. These are all warning signs that you may have an issue, and this will help make the most of your appointment.

Turn Off the Unit

After your seasonal tune-up, before starting the winterization process, you should turn off your AC unit to ensure your safety. Most systems have a metal lid near the outdoor unit that has an on/off switch: Flip that switch off to shut down the unit.

Clean Your Outside System

Pick a warm day to complete this step to ensure your outdoor unit has time to dry completely. Use a wet rag and clean off any dirt, dust, and bird droppings that may have accumulated on the outside of the unit. Clear the area around the base of the unit as well to get rid of dead bugs, sticks, leaves, or other debris to prevent small animals from trying to nest in the area. Small animals tend to chew wires, so you don’t want them making themselves at home anywhere near your AC unit.

Cover the Unit

Once your outside unit is clean and dry, you should cover it. You can use a tarp, a furnace cover, or a slab of plywood and a brick (to ensure the plywood doesn’t fall off) to cover the top of your unit. The cover is intended to prevent leaves, sticks, and icicles from dropping into your AC unit.

Insulate Exposed Pipes

You can purchase foam pipe covers at almost any home improvement store. They’re easy to install, too: Simply slip the pipe covers over the exposed pipes and tape them together with duct tape. This foam insulation stops the pipes from freezing and breaking when the weather gets cold.

Periodically Check the Outdoor Unit

Once you’ve winterized your outdoor unit, it’s a good idea to perform a visual inspection every month or so to make sure debris or uninvited small animals haven’t gotten into the system. You should remove any snow and ice that’s accumulated as well.

Why Choose Arronco for Your Home’s HVAC Services?

Arronco Comfort Air is a family-owned and -operated Northern Kentucky business that is known for being one of the area’s most trusted HVAC companies. Our goal is to be the experts you can depend on whenever your HVAC system needs service, including installation, repairs or preventive maintenance; we’re here to help ensure your home and family stay comfortable year-round.

If you need help winterizing your AC unit or you encounter issues while getting ready for winter, contact Arronco. We’re here to help, any time you need us.

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