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Bryant High Efficiency Gas Furnaces & Heat Pumps in Lexington, KY

Bryant gas furnaces and heat pumps are Arronco’s top choice for heating your home.  Not only do Bryant heating products lead the industry with innovation, but they provide superior service during and after the sale. They help us take care of you better than any other local supplier of heating and air conditioning products! Arronco is the leading intsaller of Bryant heating and cooling products in the Lexington market.

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Bryant Gas Furnaces

One characteristic that Bryant prides itself on is its ability to provide consistent comfort throughout the home. The Evolution 98m maintains more consistent temperatures throughout the home when compared with other single-stage furnaces. The specially-patented Perfect Heat technology monitors factors that affect the temperature and adjusts the system to create a more comfortable environment. This comfort is coupled with efficiency aspects so that you can be comfortable while saving energy at the same time. Bryant’s Evolution 98 m includes a 97 percent Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency. This high rating allows you to cut down on your heating expenses. This model is particularly efficient due to the dehumidification controls, improved air management, and adaptive controls. Bryant is committed to reducing adverse environmental effects by incorporating energy-efficient technologies into all of their furnaces.

Bryant Furnaces

Bryant Heat Pumps

Hybrid Heating, Cooling and Money Savings

We bring you the hybrid system that combines the strengths of two heating sources to deliver the warmth and efficiency you deserve. Now you can have the best of both worlds: efficient heating and cooling, and year-round indoor comfort. The hybrid system is so smart it will select the most effective method of heating your home no matter what the temperature outside. By utilizing the efficiency of a heat pump and an H.E. gas furnace, the cost to heat your home is less than any gas furnace alone, even a 100% AFUE furnace!

Why do I need a hybrid system?
A hybrid system provides the best control over your monthly energy bills by automatically selecting the most economical method of heating. As conditions change, the system automatically switches between the two sources to maintain greater efficiency than with a single-source heating system.

Still wanting something even more efficient when it comes to heating and cooling your home?  Check out our geothermal section!

Benefits of Bryant Furnaces

Whether choosing an Evolution or Legacy model, you can’t go wrong with Bryant. Bryant has been a recognized name in the industry since 1904, giving the company ample time to develop cutting-edge products to enhance customers’ comfort. Bryant products are made to provide strong systems at manageable sound levels. Your comfort is never compromised in order to pack more power into the system. Bryant products use sealed combustion systems and other enhancements to minimize any noise. Additionally, Bryant incorporates a number of user-friendly features so that customers can easily adjust the temperature to match their comfort level.

Heating Product Installation & Repair in Lexington, KY

Bryant’s motto is “whatever it takes” in customer service. This means that when you choose Bryant, you choose a company that is dedicated to complete customer satisfaction. Bryant customer service representatives have worked with millions of homeowners across the country to deliver quality, comfort, and value. Each new purchase comes with a warranty for parts and systems. This warranty gives homeowners the peace of mind of knowing that their system will remain in good operation for many years to come.

Be sure to check out Bryant’s warranty certificate at for complete details and any restrictions. Ask our skilled service technicians at Arronco about their recommendations on the best Bryant product for you. Get in touch with us today by filling out a contact form!

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