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5 Signs Your Plumbing System May Need Repair

Plumbing issues are not always obvious, but they can cause severe damage to your home if not spotted and fixed immediately. Even a small leak could cause damage to your walls, floors, and paint. Plumbing issues can lead to rot and mold growth, which affects your indoor air quality, causing asthma attacks, itchy eyes, sneezing, coughing, and more.

To protect your home from plumbing system issues, it’s important to be aware of any signs of early plumbing issues. Here are some signs you may need plumbing repairs:

  • A dripping faucet – This is a common plumbing issue that many believe to be minor. However, if you let the drip continue for months on end without repair, you may experience higher water bills and further plumbing and piping damage.
  • A slow/clogged drain – In many cases, you can use a plunger to get your drain back to normal, but there are some cases in which a plunger won’t solve the issue. If you experience a continuously slow/clogged drain, it’s important to call a plumbing expert for repairs.
  • Low water pressure – If you experience low water pressure, you can remove the faucet aerator or showerhead, clean off any debris or deposits, and then screw it back into place. If this doesn’t solve your low water pressure issue, you may want to call a plumber for further repairs.
  • A running toilet – A constantly running toilet is frustrating and can increase your water bills. If you are tired of jiggling the handle on your toilet, it may be time for plumbing repairs or replacement.
  • Stains/smells – A stain on a wall, ceiling, or floor, along with a musty or earthy smell, is a sign of a water leak. In these cases, it’s important to call a plumber right away for repairs.

If you experience any of these plumbing issues in your home, call our plumbing experts at Arronco Comfort Air today or contact us online for more information!

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