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Should I Cover My AC for Winter?

Kentucky home with snow

With the changing seasons, it’s natural for homeowners to switch their attention from their AC units to the heating systems they’ll soon be using almost exclusively. While going through this transition, it’s understandable that homeowners will want to take the necessary precautions to ensure their AC unit is protected. This leads to the common question: Should you cover your AC during winter?

It’s Not Always Necessary

These days, modern AC units are made to last. Heavy-duty AC units are built with extreme weather in mind. As a result, the condenser part of your AC – the one that’s outdoors – as well as the coils and other materials, are made with a finish to endure all types of weather changes, including snow, rain, and extreme heat. All these components make it so that it’s not usually necessary to cover your AC during the winter.

What Are the Exceptions?

With that said, rain and snow can cause leaves and branches to fall onto your AC unit. If your AC unit is surrounded by trees whose branches hover over it, this may be a reason to consider covering your AC. A better solution would be to remove or cut away any leaves or branches that could damage your system.

If a homeowner chooses to cover their AC, it is recommended to use a breathable cover. This will help prevent airflow restrictions as well as internal moisture damage and rusting that could be caused. Some manufacturers may also have an all-weather protective attachment for your particular AC unit.

Before prepping your AC for winter, it’s recommended that you schedule routine maintenance to ensure everything is working as it should.

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